Buffing / Deflashing

Most Economical Process for removal of plastic flashes and tape adhesive residues from the QFN leadframes. This works well for any other power packages with exposed heatsinks to clear all the flashes for perfectly exposed heat sinks. Enhances the plating adhesion functionally and cosmetics of the products. Mechanical process outweighs its competition such as laser, media or high pressure water jet with its cost, typically costing only 5c (cents) for each strip.

Product Variants-

  1. Semi Auto Machine
  2. Fully Auto Machine
    • Stack to Stack
    • Stack to Slot
    • Slot to Slot
    • Tray to Tray
    • With Detaping Module


  • Stack to Stack or Stack to Slot or Slot to Slot Fully Auto Machine
  • PLC Controlled Machine equipped withe high speed motion control
  • Special Design for handling warped leadframes, No mechanical clamping and no stress on leadframes
  • Multiple Buffing Patterns to increase productivity and effectiveness
  • User Friendly GUI for ease of Operation
  • SECS/GEM Capable