Detaping / Buffing

Product Variants-  

  1. Semi Auto Machine
  2. Fully Auto Machine
    • Stack to Stack
    • Stack to Slot
    • Slot to Slot
    • Tray to Tray
    • With Detaping Module


  • Detape Module
  1. Capable to handle all kind of tapes – Nitto/Hitachi/etc
  2. Heated Leadframe Clamping Platform with suction chucking
  3. Special Gripper to grip the tape even in small cutouts.
  4. Servo based dual axis robot to control the peel force, speed and pattern.
  5. Tape Debris Bin for discarding the removed tapes.
  6. Equipped with Laser Sensor for detecting and tape breakage.
  7. Detape module can be complemented with Laser or Buffing deflashing modules to reduce the processes
  • Various on/offload options such as combinations of stack or slot magazines.
  • PLC Based machine handler with vivid colored HMI
  • High Speed Pick and Place Arms to correct the warpage of the packages.