Hydraulic Oil Cleaner

Product Variants-

  1. 25l Model
  2. 50l Model


  • Reduce Machine Down Time
  • Increase Oil Life by 5x to 10x
  • Environment Friendly / Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Increase Life of Hydraulic components
  • Longer Life of Pump, Valves and Cylinders
This is a Special machine that helps to keep your machines Leak Free and enhances the life of the spares and consumables by multifolds
Increases the life of Oil from 5x to 10x, means cost saving
Enviropnmetal Friendly as it saves a lot of oil to be thrown away
A Boon for Hydraulic Engines or Presses as the clean oil makes sure that the valves and cylinders run a much smoother life
Avoids any untimely breakdowns as the debris or the clots in the dirty oil causes the stickups and jams causing lower quality results also
Clean Oil means Peace of Mind of all stake holders