Sandeep Sharma
Founder CEO & MD

Sandeep is an avid entrepreneur, visionary and ‘hands-on’ technologist. He has 30 years of international exposure in Manufacturing Operations, Engineering Management and Supply Chain Management and in a fast-paced Hitech manufacturing environment. Sandeep founded Brain Domain and as the MD, has grown the company to its present shape in the last 15 years, with over 50 customers in APAC countries and the US. Brain Domain manufactures automated equipment for semiconductor, Automotive and electronics industries. His breakthrough machine designs with computer vision have revolutionised the way semiconductor packaging is inspected and have resulted in quantum increases in productivity, automation, and inspection efficiencies.


Sandeep has diversified the Brain Domain engineering team to acquire proficiencies to supplement the IT domains with the acquisition of RUP Data Solutions in Singapore in 2012, and setup presence in Malaysia and India. Brain Domain India is spread across Chandigarh and Jalandhar with a young and energetic team of talented engineers, who conduct new product design, development, and testing. The Team works on Agile project delivery and offshore support to ensure machine availability and is the Center of Excellence for AI based Image recognition and Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing industry.

Sandeep’s interests include helping social and cultural initiatives and Management Education for Leadership in industry.