Strip Laser Marking

Product Variants-

  1. Fully Auto Machine
    • Stack to Stack
    • Stack to Slot
    • Slot to Slot
    • With Buffing or Detaping Module


  • Smallest Foot Print – 50% smaller than some popular brands (ASM was 3000×2000, and ours is 1500×1200.
  • MAP package Handling (QFN, MAP BGA etc.
    1. Warpage Handling/Correcting Mechanism.
    2. Vacuum Chucking of Leadframe for precise and Robust location.
    3. Unique Flipping Mechanism to enable both side markingAll kind of leadframes 30×120 to 100×300 size
  • All kind of leadframes 30×120 to 100×300 size
  • Integrated Vision with the Laser Head to enable following.
    1. Accurate marking location wrt to the package that Nagates Offset/Mismatch
    2. Post Marking Inspection
    3. On the fly mark location adjustment
  • Optional Laser Heads
    1. UV Laser for very fine line width of 0.02mm for small packages.
    2. Fiber Laser for general purpose line width of 0.04mm.
  • Smart machine that is able to communicate up/down streams for lot/error reporting.
  • PLC/Servo Driven Handler for robust, fast and precise operation.
  • User Friendly GUI for Laser and Handler.
  • Equipped with Full Safety Features.
  • Low Power Consumption.