Traceability at Work in Singapore

It is indeed an organisational necessity to securely protect its in-plant workforce for manufacturing and essential services during this Pandemic. A safer workplace which protects their in-house staff from the spread of disease inside their premises has more competitive advantage than others. It may not be enough to ensure cleanliness and personal hygiene. Even one infected staff-member puts everyone else at risk! Our Syook RTLS solution minimizes this risk through proper Traceability. Our solution stores records of the movement of people inside industrial premise, which can be assessed through a web-based dashboard for containment of the disease.

Incubation periods of different Viruses are given below. With a spread-rate of 2, One employee infected on Day-0 may spread to 2 employees on Day-1; The 3 employees will infect 6 more on Day-2; Day-3 may see 18 cases!

Now with the first known case, will you shut down your entire facility? Will you isolate the workspace of ‘Patient Zero’, the first infected employee? How to mitigate the risk of the spread of infection to your other employees?

With our Traceability solution, you will have a report of the movement of Patient Zero, areas visited by the employee during the last 3 to 14 days, who had worked or interacted with the employee. Hence, movement of the potentially exposed employees can be traced, and they can be contacted for mandatory quarantine and medical screening. The work areas frequented by these workers can also be marked for priority disinfection.

Brain Domain offers this package as Cloud deployment in 3-5 working days, including Online User Training.

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** We have added an optional App for Health monitoring in Isolation / Quarantine Facility to our Traceability at Work for Business Continuity.