Vaccume Seals / Molds / BGA Con Kits

Seals for Vacuum Mold
1. We supply seals to the OEM;s also
2. Our seals lasts 10x times longer than the OEMs
3. Made of specially engineered rubber to withstand the temperature and pressure of the molding process
4. We do provide other Rubber products also such as chucking seals, Die Attach Tips etc etc
· Design and Fabrication of Auto Mold Chases for all Auto Mold Brands such as Fico, Yamada, Towa, Dai-Ichi, Asahi, ASM, ASA, etc
· Reverse Engineering for existing Molds as well as new packages
· BD has full in house mold testing facility
· Best Materials and workmanship for very competitive pricing
Special Materials and manufacturing processes for enhanced tool life that excels the OEM’s tool life

Ball Attach Conversion Kits

Ball Count – 20880, Ball Size – Dia 0.3mm, Ball Pitch – 0.5m