Creativity Breeds Excellence

Knowledge Based Fabless Organisation that provides Manufacturing and Business Solutions Worldwide

Scratch to Structure

From a Simple Mechanism to a Highly Advanced System, we build everything Brick by Brick.

Top Notch Support Wolrdwide

We just dont leave You with the Product, the Aftersale Support is what makes us Better than others.

Best Selling Products

  • Tape: Carrier / Cover / Seal / Surface
  • Package: Mark / Surface / Pin 1 2D
  • Lead: Length / Pitch / Tweeze
  • Others: Missing / Double / Sprocket 60k UPH / < 2min Conversion Time 8 – 56mm Tape Width / All Reel Dia. Single 5MP Camera / Highly Flexible
  • Automotive Customers
  • SEMI S2/S8 Certified
  • Network Capable
    • Data Transmission to the modules for changing the parameters.
    • Data Transmission from modules to the host computer for the data logging.
    • Alarm Notification; Both local and remote notifications are possible through alarms or messaging
  • Stack to Stack or Stack to Slot or Slot to Slot Fully Auto Machine
  • PLC Controlled Machine equipped withe high speed motion control
  • Special Design for handling warped leadframes, No mechanical clamping and no stress on leadframes
  • Multiple Buffing Patterns to increase productivity and effectiveness
  • User Friendly GUI for ease of Operation
  • SECS/GEM Capable